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I believe that films can be for more than entertainment. Each project I work on is made to inspire, equip, highlight good, or call to action. Film is a tool by which stories can be told and information shared in a creative way. ​  


Day Rate  $500 / Day

My day rate covers work done in a 10-hour work day of filming on sight and behind the camera. An additional per diem will need to be discussed for additional expenses.

Hourly Rate  $55 / Hr

By opting to go hourly, I track my time spent and invoice depending on time spent on the project. This is a great option for smaller projects and shoots that are not a whole day.

Project Flat Rate  (price must be estimated)

Project rates can be made for projects needing a specific price and need. With project flat rates, all expenses and my payment can be worked into the estimate. 

Editing  Hourly / Flat Rate

Editing can be done hourly or at an estimated flat rate. The number of Revisions will be discussed per project.

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